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Hitman: Absolution

The return of Agent 47. The Hitman series of games is a unique genre unto itself. A mix between stealth, third-person action, puzzles, and mini-sandbox game. Unlike other third person games it focuses on strategy and patience but doesn't restrict you to either. If you lack patience then going in ...

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Warrior and MMA

The DVD for Warrior just came out today and I must admit I have been waiting to see this movie for a while. Skeptical (as usual) but excited. After all it's a movie with MMA as the background. All the great movies about a person excelling in their profession are ...

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Love is Blind: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

The Elder Scrolls is a long running RPG series. The recurring formula of the series is simple game play mechanics backed up by extremely deep worlds. Skyrim is the latest incarnation of a 17 year saga. Let's get down to it. The Good: The world of Skyrim is unlike any other. ...

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Comic of the Month: Chew

Different from the usual heroics, Chew is a comedy. It has an engaging plot, excellent characters, and the art fits perfectly with the theme. There are already four graphic novels out and once you finish reading the first you will immediately buy the rest. Yes its that good. Tony Chu is ...

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Best Gaming Moments: Leeroy Jenkins!

LOL. I can't say that name with a straight face. Don't know why i remembered this but i am glad i did. A lot of people think that MMORPGs require no strategy. This is not true, specially in higher level instances. For those who are uninitiated Leeroy Jenkins became famous ...

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Warrior and MMA

The DVD for Warrior just came out today and I must admit I have been waiting to see this movie for a while. Skeptical (as usual) but excited. After all it's a movie with MMA as the background. All the great movies about a person excelling in their profession are never focused on the profession but the characters. Rocky was not about boxing. Top Gun was not about dog fighting. Unlike, for example, action movies where the characters and story take a backseat to the fight/s. So I am happy to report this movie is about two estranged brothers whom embark on a journey to bring meaning into their lives with a fate-filled twist that brings their paths into a dramatic collision. MMA comes second and, believe it or not, that is  a good thing. Two thumbs up. (The actors deserve a mention as Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton, and Tom Hardy were fantastic)

What does this mean for MMA? Well if you put in context all the crappy B-movies that have been based on MMA over the years (Never Surrender comes to mind)... this is great for the sport. A movie that takes the sport seriously, that focuses on the fighters and not the fight scenes. It shows that MMA has moved from being a bloodsport considered only for animals to a legitimate athletic endeavor. Warrior even draws some real life parallels, one of the brothers (Brendan) is a high school physics teacher. Which I assume is based on Rich Franklin, a former UFC champion who worked as a high school math teacher during his fight career. There are only two moments in the entire movie that I cringed at a lack of realism. First where Brendan's wife is frightened that he might be paralyzed or even die during a fight, which is completely misleading to the mainstream. Let me fix it here on my blog: Brendan has a higher chance of seriously or fatally injuring himself during the drive to a fight than in his entire fight career. Nuff' said. Second a character named Koba, based on the legendary Fedor Emanlianko and played by professional wrestler Kurt Angle, did a powerbomb. I know many MMA enthusiasts would say "But rampage did it to Arona in Pride!". Yes, but not the fake wrestling way Koba did it in the movie. Minor scratches on an otherwise well-polished and emotionally charged film.


For your viewing pleasure, Rampage's powerbomb. If you watch the movie (and why wouldn't you?) spot the difference!
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True Grit: UFC 139

Last night Mauricio SHOGUN Rua displayed true grit. His fight with Dan Henderson was epic and will be etched forever in the annals of MMA. It was not a fight highlighted by beautiful striking, flawless BJJ, or picture-perfect wrestling. It was messy, long, and bloody. Punctuated by will and determination.  A display of why we love heart. A Rocky Balboa story. (spoilers ahead!) (more…)

An Interesting Question.

How mainstream is MMA?

Found this on some sherdog forums.Ariel Helwani is one of the best MMA reporters today. Check it out.
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The World’s Most Dominant Fighter… With Justin Bieber!?

Sad but true, LOL.

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Fist Wars: The Amanda Lucas Story

I found this great story about Amanda Lucas on sherdog today. Check it out HERE.

Here is the video of the fight from the story, watch the ending its hilarious!

On a serious note, I am impressed that the daughter of a billionaire chose this career path. It shows she does it for the love of the sport, and what better way to live life than do what you love.

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Five reasons to watch UFC 136

1. Two belts on the line!

2. The main event is a rematch due to a fight in January that resulted in a draw. That fight is a candidate for fight of the year. If it was any indication of how this fight will go then be prepared for excitement. Will Edgar evade the punches that rocked him early in their last outing? Can Maynard keep the pressure high in order to win? Only 24hrs left to find out. What is more important is we can finally begin letting contender fight for the belt again, and this weight class is packed with skilled and eager fighters ready for their shot. In fact, two of the said contenders are fighting on this card.

3. I am more excited for this fight than the main event. Why? Two words. Jose Aldo. If you have read my last article then you may be familiar with what I think about him. Anderson Silva stated that if Jose was at 185 he would retire. Yes, Jose is THAT good. More incentive to watch? Ok... He is fighting Kenny Florian, one of the most accomplished and well round fighters in the world. If there is a key to beating Aldo then Florian is the man to find it. That is a big IF. Aldo is like a miniature, faster, more aggressive, better take-down defense version of Anderson Silva. Get ready to be amazed.

4. Chael Sonnen vs Brian Stann. This has the potential to become a lay'n'pray fight because of the tendency of Chael to do nothing but wrestle and the strong jaw of Brian. Brian though has heavy hands and each round starts standing so he has a punchers chance to finish the fight quickly. What this fight really shows is whether Chael will be able to rematch Anderson Silva after the one-sided performance he showed against him. Though an Anderson Silva/Brian Stann will be a much more exciting fight, the rematch with Chael will prove whether his first outing with Silva was a fluke.

5. Garcia and Phan were in a rock'em sock'em fight that ended in one of the most controversial judging decision in MMA history. Many MMA experts and fans, including myself, still firmly believe that Nam Phan won their first outing. This is his time to correct a black mark left by the judges in MMA history.

Not enough to lure you in? Here is some more...

The contenders I mentioned earlier that were sidelined by the Edgar/Maynard draw? Melvin Guillard and Anthony Pettis. Melvin will be fighting Joe Lauzon, a submission expert that can do everything else well. If you haven't seen the tear Melvin has been on click HERE. Anthony "Showtime" Pettis is a phenomenal fighter with skills that rival the best in the world. If you haven't seen his showtime kick or want to watch it again (who doesn't!) then click HERE. More angles? Click HERE. I just can't get enough of it. :)

Also Tiequan "the wolf" Zhang will be coming back into the Octagon. I have kept my eye on him for about a year and he keeps impressing. Future title contender? Watch and decide.

Demian Maia is fighting as well. The last time we saw him his stand up was much improved. If he becomes an excellent striker and combines it with his world class Jiu-Jitsu... a deadly combination and a threat to any fighter.

Now watch it!
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Brave New World

UFC 135 was the epitome of the  rise and of the fall.  Not the point at which change begins but when it has ended. A new day has begun and it happened between 11pm and 12am ET on Saturday the 25th of September. Although it promises joy we step into it with trepidation, not from fear of disappointment but from what we are about to leave behind... Spoilers incoming, if you have not seen UFC 135 do not click Continue reading


Dana White Video Blog: An inside look

These videos are great, they show you what happens behind the scenes at UFC events. Plus they are hilarious. Enjoy.

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MMA: Three major events took place in three days (updated)

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Mixed Martial Arts or: How I learned to Stop Clinging and Love a Fighter’s Retirement

Mixed martial arts is a fantastic sport. I was introduced to it just over 12 years ago from a pirated copy recommended to me by a shopkeeper (in my country it's hard to get originals.) Since then I have been hooked and have never missed a pay-per-view or live event since 2004. I have been watching the sport i love grow exponentially. When I first started watching no one knew what this sport was about, today it is almost mainstream.

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