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Hitman: Absolution

The return of Agent 47. The Hitman series of games is a unique genre unto itself. A mix between stealth, third-person action, puzzles, and mini-sandbox game. Unlike other third person games it focuses on strategy and patience but doesn't restrict you to either. If you lack patience then going in ...

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Warrior and MMA

The DVD for Warrior just came out today and I must admit I have been waiting to see this movie for a while. Skeptical (as usual) but excited. After all it's a movie with MMA as the background. All the great movies about a person excelling in their profession are ...

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Love is Blind: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

The Elder Scrolls is a long running RPG series. The recurring formula of the series is simple game play mechanics backed up by extremely deep worlds. Skyrim is the latest incarnation of a 17 year saga. Let's get down to it. The Good: The world of Skyrim is unlike any other. ...

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Comic of the Month: Chew

Different from the usual heroics, Chew is a comedy. It has an engaging plot, excellent characters, and the art fits perfectly with the theme. There are already four graphic novels out and once you finish reading the first you will immediately buy the rest. Yes its that good. Tony Chu is ...

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Best Gaming Moments: Leeroy Jenkins!

LOL. I can't say that name with a straight face. Don't know why i remembered this but i am glad i did. A lot of people think that MMORPGs require no strategy. This is not true, specially in higher level instances. For those who are uninitiated Leeroy Jenkins became famous ...

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Comic of the Month: Batman Noel

Lee Bermejo combines Charles Dickens with DC comics. Batman Noel's art is simply eye candy. What do you expect when the writer is himself a fantastic artist? The art, dialogue, pacing, and creative twists combine to create a comic fan's perfect Christmas story. I can really praise this graphic novel all day. A must read.

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Comic of the Month: Batman and Robin

Grant Morrison continued his foray into the batman saga with this fantastic series. The first half of this graphic novel is superbly drawn by the legendary Frank Quietly. Bruce Wayne is presumed dead, his protege (former Robin) takes on the mantle of the dark knight alongside Bruce's ten year old son Damian. If you are a fan of comics in general then this is a must read, otherwise... Grant Morrison nuff' said.

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Comic of the Month: The Mighty

Great comic with a dark and thrilling plot that keeps you glued to the pages. Follows the story of Gabriel Cole, a cop who idolizes a superman-like hero named Alpha One.  A must read.

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The new 52: initial thoughts

DC comics have decided to reboot every series and even release new ones in the hopes of reinvigorating it's universe. To some extent it works. Between Geoff Johns' multiple crises (blackest/brightest night/day and flashpoint) and other "big events" (rise of eclipso) the DC universe was becoming too convoluted.  This new semi-reset is a breath of fresh air of new possibilities. I have read almost all the new first issues and i am happy with the direction of some. Namely Batman and Robin, Batman, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Stormwatch, Death Stroke, Animal Man, and all the Lantern comics. Others are either too early to tell or simply bad.

Action Comics with Grant Morrison is a must read. It's Morrison so you know there will be a unique story line with an interesting twist on Superman. So if you have been following the DC universe this is, in some cases, a fresh breath that will re-energize your experience. If you have not been reading comics (or DC) then it's a good time to start because you wont be overwhelmed with everything that has happened during the last 5 years. Pick a character, pick a comic, and give it a try.

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Comic of the Month: Halcyon

This will be a monthly series in which I will recommend only graphic novels for the most part, as I cannot recommend a story without an ending.  I will not be going into details as I believe it will ruin the read.

Halcyon is a fantastic read. It has a very good plot with some serious twists. I really enjoyed the clean art (uncluttered) and i hope you will too.

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