Hitman: Absolution

The return of Agent 47. The Hitman series of games is a unique genre unto itself. A mix between stealth, third-person action, puzzles, and mini-sandbox game. Unlike other third person games it focuses on strategy and patience but doesn't restrict you to either. If you lack patience then going in guns-blazing can work... sometimes.  47, the "protagonist" with a bar code tattoo on the back of his head, is not as resilient as other game heroes. The best approach to any mission requires planning just like real professional assassinations. You gather intelligence by walking around and surveying guards, routes, hiding spots, and possible disguises. This is where strategy comes in. The game hints at possible assassination scenarios but the sandbox aspect of the levels allows for creativity. Did the game hint at disguising yourself as the target's doctor then changing medications to something more lethal? Maybe you can find something more creative like sabotaging an oxygen tank on the route the target usually takes for an explosive surprise. Looking forward to Hitman Absolution coming 4Q 2012. After all who didn't want to be a hitman when they grew up? ...just me? :)



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