Warrior and MMA

The DVD for Warrior just came out today and I must admit I have been waiting to see this movie for a while. Skeptical (as usual) but excited. After all it's a movie with MMA as the background. All the great movies about a person excelling in their profession are never focused on the profession but the characters. Rocky was not about boxing. Top Gun was not about dog fighting. Unlike, for example, action movies where the characters and story take a backseat to the fight/s. So I am happy to report this movie is about two estranged brothers whom embark on a journey to bring meaning into their lives with a fate-filled twist that brings their paths into a dramatic collision. MMA comes second and, believe it or not, that isĀ  a good thing. Two thumbs up. (The actors deserve a mention as Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton, and Tom Hardy were fantastic)

What does this mean for MMA? Well if you put in context all the crappy B-movies that have been based on MMA over the years (Never Surrender comes to mind)... this is great for the sport. A movie that takes the sport seriously, that focuses on the fighters and not the fight scenes. It shows that MMA has moved from being a bloodsport considered only for animals to a legitimate athletic endeavor. Warrior even draws some real life parallels, one of the brothers (Brendan) is a high school physics teacher. Which I assume is based on Rich Franklin, a former UFC champion who worked as a high school math teacher during his fight career. There are only two moments in the entire movie that I cringed at a lack of realism. First where Brendan's wife is frightened that he might be paralyzed or even die during a fight, which is completely misleading to the mainstream. Let me fix it here on my blog: Brendan has a higher chance of seriously or fatally injuring himself during the drive to a fight than in his entire fight career. Nuff' said. Second a character named Koba, based on the legendary Fedor Emanlianko and played by professional wrestler Kurt Angle, did a powerbomb. I know many MMA enthusiasts would say "But rampage did it to Arona in Pride!". Yes, but not the fake wrestling way Koba did it in the movie. Minor scratches on an otherwise well-polished and emotionally charged film.


For your viewing pleasure, Rampage's powerbomb. If you watch the movie (and why wouldn't you?) spot the difference!


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  • Ignatius Black

    Looking forward to watching it!
    What MMA events are on in March? Can’t see’em on the calendar dude!!