The new 52: initial thoughts

DC comics have decided to reboot every series and even release new ones in the hopes of reinvigorating it's universe. To some extent it works. Between Geoff Johns' multiple crises (blackest/brightest night/day and flashpoint) and other "big events" (rise of eclipso) the DC universe was becoming too convoluted.  This new semi-reset is a breath of fresh air of new possibilities. I have read almost all the new first issues and i am happy with the direction of some. Namely Batman and Robin, Batman, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Stormwatch, Death Stroke, Animal Man, and all the Lantern comics. Others are either too early to tell or simply bad.

Action Comics with Grant Morrison is a must read. It's Morrison so you know there will be a unique story line with an interesting twist on Superman. So if you have been following the DC universe this is, in some cases, a fresh breath that will re-energize your experience. If you have not been reading comics (or DC) then it's a good time to start because you wont be overwhelmed with everything that has happened during the last 5 years. Pick a character, pick a comic, and give it a try.

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Week 1

Week 2

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