MMA: Three major events took place in three days (updated)



Breaking news September 06: Brock Lesnar will be fighting Alistair Overeem in December. This is incredible for two reasons. First, Brock was hospitalized when his diverticulitis came back for the second time, I did not expect him to come back for another year at least. Second, Alistair was cut from Strikeforce less than a month ago, I thought it would be years before we saw him fight in the states again.

I am very excited for this fight as it is a fight of monsters.





Breaking news September 07: Nick Diaz is out of the George Saint Pierre fight and is replaced by Carlos Condit. This is bitter sweet news for me as I really wanted to watch Nick fight a true champion level opponent in GSP and also wanted to see GSP be pushed to his limit. The latter is still true. Carlos Condit is a phenomenal fighter and I am biased when it comes to this fight (Condit is my personal favorite). I believe Condit is a more dangerous opponent for GSP and so does GSP.




Breaking news September 08: Dana White (UFC president) has announced that now Nick Diaz will be fighting B.J. Penn! Nick Diaz was dropped from the GSP fight because he did not show up for two press events in a row. Carlos Condit was originally slated to fight B.J. Penn but stepped up  to replace Nick Diaz. This will be a fight for the ages.




Confession: I have to admit I did not want to see B.J. Penn fight Carlos Condit as they are both two of my all time favorite fighters. Now Condit is fighting for the title and Penn is fighting for his legacy. Could not have gone better :)

I hope Condit wins like this...







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  • Chococatsushi


  • Ignatius Black

    I hope Overeem destroys Lesnar. That will be such an awesome battle.

    Flying Muay Thai knee!! Who needs Kung Fu?! 😀